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Erasmus Profile Erasmus: Many people lament that they cannot understand other human beings. Wives cannot understand husbands. Husbands cannot understand their wives. Parents cannot understand their children.

 There is of course a reason why we do not all think the same. We do not think the same – because we do not think the same way. We think differently because our genes make us think differently.

This site is devoted to appreciating the genes that make us who we are. These are the genes that dictate our personality. I believe the enneagram is the most relevant model of human behaviour. As a model of behaviour, we often see examples of the people which it describes. Most people who are familiar with the enneagram “8” or the enneagram “1” will recognise these people around them in their daily lives.

Genes Make Us who we Are: ammebling Us.

The enneagram “8” can be likened to a bulldozer. My way or the highway. These people are instinctive leaders, form opinions easily and hold them in spite of all pressure, considerations and reasons to the contrary. Enneagram “1s” are similarly distinctive. Perfectionists. Everything in its place and a place for everything. You see it in the behaviour of 2-year-olds. The enneagram “8” will face down an adult and tell them they are wrong. The enneagram”1” child automatically begins to organise objects or toys, align objects or toys – left to right, tallest to shortest, thinnest to fattest. They are obsessional children, seeking order in their lives. They become obsessional adults – fastidious in the cleanliness, their lives categorised by order, their cupboards filled with categorised and organised foods and other items. The women are often immaculately dressed and coiffed.

Enneagram Ones present well in white.

Kinkajou Face Kinkajou : If you have the same genes, you are like to understand these people very well, because you share the same genetics – the same way of thinking. Others of us look at this behaviour, and shake our heads. Why would someone do things in this fashion? Why do things have to be done this way?

Goo Goo : And the answer is simple. Because our genes make it so.

The enneagram model has 9 personality types and 3 subtypes, giving a total of 27 generally distinctive personalities. The situation is a little bit more complex than this though, because the 9 personality types are broad personality categories that encompass quite a number of genotypes. (The gene model that I’ve developed shows 27 genotypes for the 9 personality phenotypes). So this would give a total of approximately 81 distinctive personalities.

In the enneagram model the personality types are labelled: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. In the enneagram model the personality sub-types are labelled: social, sexual and self-pres.


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