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Erasmus Happy Erasmus: 2*2

This parenting mix gives a 75 % chance that the children will be enneagram “6” and a 25 % chance that the children will be enneagram “8”. Interestingly, 1/3of  the enneagram 6 children will be a counter phobic enneagram “6”. This double fast serotonin gene child is quite a different animal from the more usual single fast serotonin gene enneagram “6”. The counter phobic enneagram “6” the fear factor actually amplifies to an aggressive fear that actively looks for knowledge and looks for difficulties. This will be heavily amplified by the presence of double fast histamine genes in all the children.

Erasmus Happy Erasmus: 2*3

This gene combination gives a heavy preponderance of slow histamine genes and fast serotonin genes. The enneagram types that are Not possible include the enneagram “5”, the enneagram “7”, and the enneagram “9”,. The gene mixes heavily tilted towards the creation of enneagram “6” children with a high probability of energy (noradrenaline) genes and of deciding/power genes (slow histamine genes).

Erasmus Happy Erasmus: 2*4

The mating of this pair produces a 3/8 probability of an enneagram “8”,  a 3/8 probability of an enneagram “ one”, and a 25% chance (1/4=2/8) chance of an enneagram “4”. Half of the enneagram “4” children are the typical children of their enneagram type. However the other half of the children could be regarded either as a very energetic enneagram “ 8” were a very powerful enneagram “4”.

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Erasmus Happy Erasmus: 2*5

Parents will produce a spread of child types encompassing a 25% chance of being an enneagram “6”, a 25% chance of being an enneagram “3”, a 25 chance of being an enneagram “one”, and a 25% chance of being an enneagram “4”’. Interestingly the parents would look at this lot of kids and wonder if they were really theirs – the children being so different from the parents.

Erasmus Happy Erasmus: 2*6

The outcome of this genetic cooking pot combination favours the  enneagram “6”. The probability of an enneagram “6” child is a minimum of 75%, and depending on the genotype of the parents could easily approach hundred percent. However consider the effect of the slow  histamine genes. Though the children fall in the enneagram “6” family there is a spread of energy and drive arising from the slow histamine gene in the children. This genotype will be very obvious on the personalities of the children involved but is not very well encapsulated by the enneagram.

Erasmus Happy Erasmus: 2*7

This combination produces a 50% chance of an enneagram “3” child and a 50% chance of an enneagram “4” child. The fast serotonin gene is subverted by the presence of a fast noradrenaline gene, creating the basic  gene mix for the enneagram “3”. The enneagram “3” type is actually a ragtag category encompassing a number of genotypes.

Erasmus Happy Erasmus: 2*8

These parents are one of the classical power types of the enneagram. Both have strong drives, tempered in the enneagram “2” by the presence of the fast serotonin gene. They are likely to have a 50% chance of enneagram “6” children and 80% chance of enneagram “8” children.

Erasmus Happy Erasmus: 2*9

The conjunction of this pair is likely to yield 50% enneagram “6” children and 50% enneagram “one” children.

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